Ski Snowboard Helmet

Ski Helmet with Visor Slokker Bakka White M 57 To 59 CM

Ski Helmet with Visor Slokker Bakka White M 57 To 59 CM

Ski Helmet with Visor Slokker Bakka White M 57 To 59 CM    Ski Helmet with Visor Slokker Bakka White M 57 To 59 CM
Ski Helmet with Visor Slokker Bakka White M 57 To 59 CM. The description of this item has been automatically translated.

Customer Service: Mon - Sat 08.00-20.00. The super light BAKKA ski and snowboard helmet from Slokker impresses with its stylish design in a freeride look. The robust helmet shell with PETG technology offers the best shock absorption. The special inner shell with its very high-quality, skin-friendly and comfortable Slotec inner lining ensures your comfortable wearing experience, which you can adjust individually to your head.

Of the Slokker Bakka ski helmet comes with a high-performance photochromatic (self-tinting) and polarizing visor (OTG / glasses wearer suitable). Everything is there for your next day in the mountains. Slokker - Bakka - Advantages.

Protection at the highest level. Wear your own glasses under the visor. No searching for ski goggles. Made in Italy and Germany. Suitable for: Skis, snowboards, all-round helmets.

Construction : EPS maxSHELL - TECHNOLOGY - With this manufacturing process, almost the entire EPS inner shell is covered by the outer microshell, even down to the ventilation openings (maximum microshell coverage). Helmet climate: Ventilation system integrated in the helmet core. Helmet climate: Adjustable ventilation system with 26 vents. Adjustment : QUICKSAFE - The BAKKA helmet has an intelligent size adjustment system for individual adjustment of the fit, which is extremely easy to use. Padded and washable chin strap.

Size: Adjustable with a large dial. Ear parts: Ergonomically shaped ear flaps in carbon look, which do not restrict hearing despite protection and heat function. Interior design : Removable, washable, very skin-friendly, anti-allergic, moisture/climate-regulating Slotec lining, this ensures very comfortable wearing.

Visor: Including movable orange visor with photochromatic (self-tinting) and polarizing function. Sizes: XS (53-55cm), S (55-57cm), M (57-59cm), L (59-61cm), XL (61-63+ cm).

Disc technology: The photochromatic and polarizing lens is made of polycarbonate and changes tint depending on the intensity of the sun's rays (ultraviolet rays) hitting the visor. In strong light, the visor darkens, in low light conditions the lens becomes lighter. Suitable for many sports, especially in changing weather conditions. Material: Polycarbonate, characterized by high strength, impact resistance, rigidity and hardness and does not splinter.

Tint Level: Initial tint - final tint - category 0 (transparent / orange) - category 2 (85 percent tint). Reduces eye fatigue in sunny weather conditions.

Tinting Duration: 60-120 seconds tinting time depending on UV exposure, there may be a slight delay at high temperature. Polarizing: Always the best view without annoying reflections and light reflections. Thanks to the polarization filter, these glasses prevent you from being dazzled by the reflections. Of course, this also increases the perception of contrast and colors.

UV protection: UV filter final tint 100 percent UV protection. Anti-fog system: Disc does not fog up. Anti-Scratch: Visor scratches very hard. Visor inner seal: 3-layer foam that sits very comfortably on the face with an excellent fit, even with extreme temperature fluctuations.

These foam lips on the cheeks seal and thus prevent the ingress of drafts. Visor frame: A special seal prevents moisture from penetrating between the helmet shell and the visor.

Visor Size: Large field of view (OTG / suitable for people wearing glasses). We offer a free consultation for this. Slokker - Bakka ski helmet with visor. > Bicycle helmet with light. > Bicycle helmet with navigation. We would like to do that together with you matching helmet Find. So write to us or even better give us a call. Eigene Brille unter dem Visier tragen.
Ski Helmet with Visor Slokker Bakka White M 57 To 59 CM    Ski Helmet with Visor Slokker Bakka White M 57 To 59 CM